Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Don't listen to me

It has become extremely clear that the only areas for attention are the sinus cavities. Using a 3 dimensional profile, one can extrapolate the implant as it was originally intended by the diminutive Asian doctor/extraterrestrial. In sleep we allow these events to occur uninterrupted, however, such knowlege avails us little of the actual portent these visitors convey when, again uninterrupted, they lead us into the spherical dome where the positions are encountered, we are introduced to our colleagues and then become quite clear that we are the recipients of Exo-node systopathy.

The illness of "Lyrical subjugation", as extra-sensory telephony, can be released only with the additional aid of Betelgeusian intro-atro-postotemy. Such rare and quite costly procedures are rarely approved by ones Primary Care Physician, however, with chronic and insensitive begging the resources needed can be provided. The aid of an Apniatic c-pack machine is paramount when protecting nasal-somatic membranization. Since the sylphlike essences which utilize synaptic cortexual pungency to enter the hideous place, the aid of a good somnamulent can be most effective (perhaps 5000 mg's Seraquil directly prior to incisions).

-Interrupted at 0:15:55 PM. p.s.t


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