Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Manifesto against go-getters

1). As I am not a go-getter, I denounce those who are.

2). Since being a go-getter is the socially acceptable ideal of a succesful person,
I represent the unacceptable.

3). The size of a go-getter's wallet is directly opposed to the size of their belly.

4). A go-getter should not be confused with a go-go dancer. One is moving forward,
the other is dancing as fast as they can.

5). Go-getting is not a survival skill. It is an ego trip.

6). Go-getters make good hood ornaments.

7). A go-getter is beautiful to those who go get.

8). Those who do not go get, teach.

9). The opposite of a go-getter is one who has already gotten.

10). Therefore, go-getters never actually GET, they can only go.

11). To go is to get less.

12). Get going.

13). Don't go. Get.

14). Get lost.


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