Monday, April 24, 2006


is the study of other people's Psyche. This is an ironic science, in that other people's psyche's are yours as well. Hence, in order to Psychodonically study another's subconcious mind, you must encounter your own mind in reference to their linked/your/their mind. This can be rather obfuscating. I can understand your trepidation. What might happen, you say, if you cannot differentiate between the vascillating uber-conciousness of this time bound realm and the eternal place of the "hive" mind? Yet, as the alter-egoic beings from Monkey Dust claim: "WE ARE THE CYCLISTS". Yes, we are the cyclists. We have transcended mere matter for a new more elastic, lycra formed fitted shorts. You can be sure that as you run closer, rather than away, from the totality of conciousness, that the Pychodynamic model will appear.

For your information:

1). Psychdonics is the study of other people's Psyche.

2). Your psyche and their psyche are one.

3). This can cause confusion and potential bitterness as you attempt to differentiate between the two.

4). When two are one then goody-two-shoes.

5). Turn it (over).


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