Monday, February 05, 2007

miracles of time and space

Since I was contacted last Tuesday by Sai Baba telephathically, I have experienced numerous "miraculous" events. After I attended Bhajans on Saturday night, I realized that this was no ordinary saint. Here are some of the things I have witnessed in slightly less than a weeks time:

-Telephathic contact by intuitive presence,
-a series of synchronicities regarding running into people in a significant way,
-a feeling of extraordinary peace and clairty,
-finding the Home of the Hollywood Temple,
-experiencing his photographs as living and undulating presences,
-seeing Vibhuti (sacred ash) growing independently on photos, including my own,
-seeing a photograph of Baba with his eyes closed when the original photo shows his eyes open(no manipulation of any kind),
-smells of perfume in the air in my home (reported consistently by devotees when in Baba's presence or in spiritual communion with him),
-a large cloud off my balcony which formed into the shape of an "OM",
- direct contact with Baba and recognition of him knowing me personally.
-psychic manipulation of electronic equipment in my home, such as an answering machine turning itself on and off to my thoughts.
-other subtle forms of paranormal activity and elasticity of time and space.

When I read the literature I become aware that these are signature experiences related to Sai Baba that others, who have a relationship with him, have had happen to them. I do not doubt their authenticity, nor find a causal rational link to their ocurrences. They are permeations of time and space that the Avatar is expressing. I am deeply grateful for the insight to be able to see and be touched by them. In relationship with Sai Baba, one needs to suspend any context of rationality and allow the playfullness of true light and love to pass the veil of the mind. These are the reflections of the self.This is natural to the Avatar. If one stays in the rational mind and attempts to impart them to those who are not aware of him, ones sanity can be called into question. But I assure you, these are quite real events happening.

Thank you, oh my guru, for your presence in my heart. Thank you for allowing me to hear and see. Thank you for your ever present and eternal love for me personally and for the world. I hear you. We have met and continue to meet. I cherish the thought of being with you and bringing you into the world I enter. Already people have seen and felt your blossoming light emanating from me. Those who are ready to receive it, know it. This is what I have been looking for all of my life. Guide me, my joy, from the unreal to the real.

May peace and light follow you always and bathe us in your love.


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