Monday, September 10, 2007


Unfortunately, the debacle of leaving Pedro Martinez in during the ALCS Lo those many moons ago was merely the tip of the iceberg. According to Boston fans, Grady Little had been doing knuckle headed stuff like that all season long. The rest of the country merely hadn't seen it.

At this point, any further discussion of Grady's incompetence is redundant. He is massively incompetent, as we by now have assessed. It seems time to me to begin the focus of our ire on the man who is responsible for his employment: Ned Colletti.

Knowing what occurred in Boston, how could Colletti have placed his faith in such a loser? Beyond that, how could the Dodgers coaching staff have placed their faith in one Dioner Navarro? Had he not been accidentally injured by a roving fastball, Russell Martin would still be taking ground balls in Vegas.

This is an organization that is in disarray. The owner is far more concerned about the development of the land adjacent Chavez Ravine to really be concerned about winning at all costs. Four million automatons will come through the turnstiles each and every year, win or lose. As long as the perception of stability is maintained, aided and abetted by the out of town owned press and lack of independent criticism, then the Dodgers will remain an attraction rather than a team.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

The trouble with Dodger fans is that they keep reminiscing on Kirk Gibson’s homerun. It’s as if they are stuck in some kind of Ground Hog Day time warp. We need to move forward. The only way is to clean house and get rid of everyone that is not committed to Dodger baseball. I mean real Dodger baseball. You know the kind I’m talking about? Dedication to the fans and the community that once graced this proud city. An ownership that gets us. A general manager that thinks Dodger blue. A field manager that manages with his heart and well as his head. And a team that knows team concept.

One that understands that being a Dodger is something that you take pride in. Something that once that it gets inside of you, you never let go of. The kind of feeling that you belong to something special. Ask Kirk Gibson. He was only a Dodger for a brief time, but he still knows what it was like to be a part of folk lore. A part of something that will never be forgotten. Long after the paycheck are cashed, moments like Gibby’s homerun is still talked about and will be for generations. That’s what today’s players don’t understand. That’s what it’s like to be part of Dodger baseball.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Ask the Arizona Diamondbacks what they think of Kirk Gibson? All they have to do is look down to the end of the bench where he is their coach.

How could the Dodgers let that happen? Because, as I have said, the owner is not a baseball man and does not give a shit about winning unless it affects the attendance.
I agree with you Mike, all of them have to be thrown into the sea.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

All of this gives me agita. This is just a prelude to what the Lakers are going to be going through this upcoming basketball season. Mitch Kupcake is just as useless as the Dodger ownership. Jerry Buss made a move for Garnett and left the details to Mitch and he did not do anything. I mean nothing. . . zilch. . . bupkis. He just let Boston take him away from us.

L.A. sports is a funk right now. They don’t even have an NFL team right. But, the way the soap opera that is professional football, maybe it’s best that they don’t. The only two teams that L.A. can be proud of is the Ducks and the USC football team. And lest not forget the Angels.

Other than that, it is just frustrating for the loyal fans. And these Dodger fans our just as loyal as the Cubbies, if not more.

Your friend in misery.

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