Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frank and Jamie McCourt planning to sell the Dodgers

While there may be no evidence to support that statement, by all indications these last five months of stripping, cutting and finally the indignity of watching the dumb show called "Lets pretend to sign Manny", clearly one can surmise that the idiot couple have finally had enough.

With Manny Ramirez turning down the Dodgers fourth offer, which was essentially the same offer each time in different clothing, my hope is that the fans can really see the McCourt's for what they are: greedy lying scumbags who have used the public media to create the exact opposite perception of Boras and Ramirez. Since that day five months ago when Jamie McCourt made the statement to the effect of "would the fans of LA rather have forty youth baseball fields or Manny", anyone who had a fucking brain could tell that the lying Jew bitch and her Mick fucking husband Irish Frank were full of shit. Then a series of preposterous offers to Boras, all made public in a free for all in the press with Bill Plaschke and others behind them, organized by the PR staff of Josh Rawitch and company, the Dodgers continued to manipulate the situation into convincing the average imbecile that Boras and Ramirez are greedy bastards in an economy that the average person is struggling in.

Let's face it, the Dodgers never had ANY intention of signing Ramirez otherwise, if they really valued him, they would have done it. The fact that without Manny, the Dodgers payroll is now $70 Million dollars in a market this size, and that they have given only two "long term" deals to Furcal and Blake at three years and some few millions, well, all of this is an indication that the team is being stripped for sale. Frank and Jamie also can see the handwriting on the wall...the attendance will be seriously affected by the recession already, including the lack of tickets sold at Camelback Ranch, and without Manny it will be totally untenable to continue to own this franchise. I predict we are seeing the last year of Frank and Jamie as owners.

As for Manny, he will most likely end up where everyone else ends up with such a pin stripes. As for the Dodgers, I will do everything in my power to not watch the games or step foot into that stadium again. I have had enough.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

If they are going to sell, do it now before the season starts. Get someone with some common sense, sign Manny, and let’s get on with the season already. Geez!!!! Crimany!!! (Hey, this is an uncensored blog! Why am I doing cartoon swear words?) Those mother fuckers better wise up and release us from our torture.

There… how’s that for politically incorrect? (I know, not very good, but I’m practicing.)

7:38 AM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

First of all, very funny Pascoe. Secondly,the Dodgers insult Ramirez and Boras by not offering just a straight up 45 million dollar deal. What a screw up on their part. Thirdly, it's shocking to find out from Forky how low the Dodger payroll might be without Ramirez. Their revenue is up there with Boston, just behind the Stankees. 4th-lee, Forky not following every pitch this season is about as likely as me playing for the Lakers. Let's get real y'all.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Hey, the Lakers could use a good point guard. If think you can dish the ball to Kobe, I think you might have a job Jamie.

3:26 PM  

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