Friday, October 07, 2005

What if Hell is real?

I write that in the form of a question, not as a statement. I'm really asking this question, legitimately. What if there is a real place, bathed in flame, where our bodies, which we carry with us, burns in eternity. Where we are ripped apart and reassembled, and ripped apart, again and again and again, in perpetuity, with no choice or freedom to disconnect or detach, perfectly aware of the pain, unable to hope or dream or breathe. Epic torment. FOREVER!
I have been thinking a great deal more on this topic as I am about to finish Corinthians in the New Testament. Paul's mighty sermon in Corinth, filled to the brim with the Christ, has further fueled the speculation, and the strange but rather nagging reminders I keep giving myself, that the light and the dark are indeed in confrontation. This is no "different sides of the same coin" Buddhist, off-the-hook, new age "It's all good" philosophy for an age of anxiety. This is about salvation baby. This is about fornication. This is about love one another or die motherfucker. And not in the "moral" sense but in the spiritual sense. In terms of the "spirit" of the law and not the letter. It is not enough to abstain from lusting in the flesh, I must abstain "in the mind". Lusting in the mind is the same as debasing the kindgdom in the flesh. Murdering the flesh of another's wife. This is bloody business I suspect. But as I look around me, hell, INSIDE me, I see vile and repugnant nature. Diseased and wretched, sinful waste within me. But in Jesus Christ, in the word made flesh, in the resurrection and the light, in the disemination of HIS word, there is rebirth and life eternal. A rescue party to take me off this damned Island. Which is why I now want to talk about...


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