Friday, September 16, 2005

Jesus and the witches

Make no mistake, they are among us. They are in our classrooms, at our sanctuaries, in our dreams even. They come, with massive intent, to clairfy their need to damage the part of us where we exist. When you are one with the force, the witches come. They come, dressed in simple clothes and bringing smiles of decay. They understand our protection. We are indeed protected, in truth. But they use the one part of us which they can communicate: the ego. They can't touch us, but they can convince us that we can touch ourselves. They are very easy to identify. The run the show. They are in charge of just about everything in our physical world. They come, relentlessly, to convince us of their ideas of our unholiness. this is their strength. It is proactive. It is evil.

They come clothed in the innocence of our children. They come in the heartwarming sights and sounds of our culture. They come attacking those who didn't come to New Orleans fast enough. Then they condemn those who did. it is the same random idea, repeated over and over again, that the highest among us is irrelevant. They fire their beams of darkness and our minds are corrupted. They use vertigo as a means to confuse. Even their medication comes couched in prett colors, with healing purple husks of yellow and gold. The eyes, the eyes give it away every single time. they sing the lovely song of the wicked: I fear you. I fear your god. I fear the truth that is the very essence of your gift and humanity. Your king, the lowliest of the low, is the highest of the high. The christ speaks gently and with massive, eternal force. and so, the wicked, ignore their own skin, both inside and out. They choose to ignore their peril and pursue yet more forces of material wealth, both internal and external. Ideas mixed with silver mixed with bombs or letters. But the king of kings, the father, annihilates the unbridled terrible ones with forgiveness, the most powerful force of all, more powerful than love.

The scandalous compute the essence of your heart and are wracked with gnashing of teeth and fire. To feel your true nature is to deactivate the putridity at the heart of the lie. Hosanna, Hosanna, Come thee the way of the lord, come to reveal the lie of fear and separation. The nadir of specialness. the spectre of the beast.

I forgive thee, eye of hell, and cast thee out of thy sight and mind. I forgive all! I am life eternal. You are summoned to wake.


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