Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Win or lose (your cool)/games and LOST

We take for granted the pernicious effects of our games. All civilizations created games. As far back as the prehistoric humans, evidence of games abound. The Incans had a form of baseball. The dradle is a cosmic pinwheel designed to help us see multidimensions. Dice has followed the evolution of our species. When, then, did our games become so deeply relective of our greed induced culture? Or did our games influence our cultures?

Looking at all levels of our society, games are a critical part of our identity. Sports is a multi-zillion dollar business and trickles down into the youngest members of our culture. Test scores can be construed as games in disguise, an attempt to trick one so that the arbiters of our world can determine rank and value.

Games are invaluable. Life is a game. Our games are endemic of our health. A culture that values imbalance in gamesmanship is a lost culture. Competition should serve the deeper levels of our soul and lead us towards evolution. We should learn the differences in winning and losing and, like the Japanese game "Go", recognize the supreme value in "how" we lose.

But, alas, that is not to be the case with modern America. Every single strand of our being is encrusted with the miasma and soot of winning at all costs. Every single value that we cherish is embellished with the out-of-balance dance of competition that literally dismisses human life in favor of a system that crushes human spirits. It matters not how this came to be, what matters is the total destructiveness of this truth and the utter pervasiveness and blindness humans within this system owe allegiance to. It is the glue that holds together the anti-life substance of the United States. It is the machine that consumes and spits out and truncates and impermanates and defecates life out of life. It is histories most vile and cruel joke that man has played on himself, or allowed to happen to himself by his belief in the structure and permanence of this way of life. It is in the hateful and murderous looks that we give each other for no other reason but that "that motherfucker might win"!

It is killing us. It is destroying our cell tissue. Only absolute love and forgiveness can stop the inevitable self-immolation that is resulting from this massacre of our beloved games. And yes, this is indeed another theme in LOST


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