Friday, October 07, 2005


I have the second episode of the season on my DVR, on tape, waiting to be watched. I just finished the first two parts of the Pilot. I need to go through the first season in order to solidify my concept, which continues to gestate. Here is my take of the show today, which may change tomorrow.

The show is functioning on multiple levels. In the Soviet Union, in the sixties, when Tarkovsky made his remarkable allegory "Stalker", he admitted in the press, that the impact of facism had to be expressed covertly. Thus the images and portraiture were cinematic protestations and revelations. What is most remarkable about "Lost" is that we have arrived, in totem, to the same implication in 2005 United States. This is where we are at the present time. This is where anxiety has taken us. And so I begin to understand the nature of where we have arrived. The invisible creatures are our ID, and we are it's food.

Where are we? Who are we? Really.


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