Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Guardian Angels

The light turned green and I proceeded into the intersection. As I got half way through, a small voice, but very loud, said "slow down". I did as instructed. Within one hundredth of a second, a Honda Accord came flying through the intersection, through the red light, feet from hitting my driver's side of the car. I saw that she had her hand covering her mouth, eyes wide open in a terrified recognition of what she had done as she did it. I then proceeded calmly to work.

I was overcome with the reminder that I am protected, have been protected and continue to be protected by unseen forces that have been with me from the beginning. Time after time, far too numerous to mention here, I have been saved from catastrophic accidents, smaller incidents, internal fears and dialogues, and on and on. I wandered across the campus to the staff lounge, looking into the faces of the people I see everyday. They had no idea what I had just been saved from. I laughed at the remarkable irony of being alive. I was awestruck with wonder at how quickly life can be taken from us and how all of us take for granted that we have it. What arrogance! I am so grateful to be alive to write these words. Life is a gift that God didn't want back today.


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