Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jesus and King Kong: two myths

I watched, or rather absorbed, Peter Jackson's extraordinary remake of the Kong trilogy (what is it with Jackson and trilogies? The trilogy, the holy trinity, the triumvurate?). After peeling myself off of the floor, and being consoled by my significant feline other, I proceeded to weep for nigh on a week now. I no longer try to analyse a film much any more. I really just try to check in with what is happening to me and go from there. I mean, I will never forget seeing the rather unremarkable film "Ghost" at a drive-in theater many many moons ago with a buddy of mine. I dismissed it as drivel, while he was changed forever. I know enough to not judge anyones reaction to art anymore.

I guess I could get into all the reasons for my being moved so deeply: having an animal of my own for so many years who is on his last legs, a lost mother complex, addiction issues in general. But I made a very personal decision to allow what I was feeling to take precedence over criticism and intelectual disection. This was a big step for me actually. I knew that I was having a rather "holy" experience with the movie. My rational mind tried to but in, superior wag that it is. But I just kept letting my deeper, softer and more innocent "me" watch and marvel at what was happening in front of my eyes. The result was overwhelming. The experience of beauty was hopeful. More so as I get older and think I've seen it all. The images of the "beast" and the "beauty" will stay with me for a very very long time.

And that gets me to the two myths I mentioned. The Jesus myth is the most wide spread and holy of our myths. It deals with our divinity. But the Kong myth deserves equal treatment and time. As animals, and yes we are animals, that part of our existence deserves to have a myth as broad and resonant as our Godly side. Peter Jackson, if anything, understands the power of myth and the need as humans for myths to have efficacy. I believe that Kong, in his mystery and the depth of our animal spirit (animus, anima) resolves our soul issues and heals the split between the alienated parts of ourselves. I believe that this is what I experienced, a closing of the schism and healing over the wound of our great nature.

I was ready to receive it. Thankfully.


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