Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Five Points (From "A Woman Under the Influence" by John Cassavetes)

- Doctor, she's crazy!- She's an adult, and I would like to talk to her. Please. I have five points, Nick. I figured it out, and - They're for me. - For us.- Mabel. One is love. Two is... friendship, and three is... our... comfort. And four is... I'm a good mother, Nicky, and - Mabel, I love you. Um - I belong to you.That's it. Those are my five points.That's what I - I have five points. One. F-Five... points. Come here. Now listen to me. Baby... you know how I feel about you. - You're a great mother. Take deep breaths.Take deep breaths. I love you. You've made me happy.Take a deep breath. Take deep breaths. - And if I've made a mistake, I'm sorry.- Nick. - Nick. Nick, I need -- Sit down! I'll knock you right on your ass! Mabel. Baby. I love you.


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