Friday, February 09, 2007

Copy of my response to Jerry O' from comments section

I decided to publish a copy of my response to Jerry's comments regarding my last entry. You can read Jerry's comments under the comments section in "They didn't teach us this in school", plus the following response from me. But I felt that it gives some context about where I am right out here, ass first. Or is that face first? Whatever!

My dear brother in multi-dimensionality, I am so profoundly relieved to hear from you. The fellowship of reality shifting in my life feels very narrow. I'm sure it will reveal itself as larger than I think. But at the present moment, I find myself out in the wildnerness with possibly one or two people really getting this deal. Of course you come calling at the appointed hour no doubt aware that my two days in the hospital were caused by my complete rational breakdown after the original bliss. The UFO experience (Angel? Mandala? Photon Torpedo?) that I saw over Simi Valley in '78 with my earthbound jewish friend Steve Glick who, after witnessing the event, said in his transplanted Boston accent "We din't fukin see dat"!, is not a proper comparison to the Baba leap. It's far more quantum. The only thing I can really compare it to is the Richard Chubb, David Clarke and Eileen Mushroom trip of 1980 in Venice Beach where I was vacuumed into the all-possibilities-sound and funhouse ego crushing happy play day. The avatar took the mask of himself that day and said "hi there, welcome to my world, muhfuguh"!

Oh boy, Neo has got nothing on this and the Nebachunezer can't run me away from this fast enough. Nor do I really want to run away. It's just that I was not at all prepared for the 24 hour terror episode in which I had to be held down while being administered Atavan intravenously while trying to explain to a priest from Glendale that God is love is Sai Baba who is on my wall and is one of those guys in the Haunted Mansion who comes out of the painting shooting the gun at the other guy, except he's alot friendlier and more gracious and likes candy and flower and incense and disappears in the photo and then comes back with my face morphing into his with my glasses on. The nice Philipino nurse smiled at me in a rather frightened way and quickly left the room letting the IV does its job. I fell into a 12 hour sleep.

I awoke and was discharged. As I left, with two large cotton balls over the backs of my hands where the IV's were (the stigmatta?). I got in my car and asked Baba where I'm supposed to go now. He directed me to a small alechemical shop in Los Feliz called "The White Lotus". It was the exact place I was supposed to go. A lovely wiccan type bombshell sweetheart at the counter immediately took me into the back and offered me tea. She told me that her teacher had been with Sai Baba and that the owner of the store, who was in a session at the moment, would like to speak with me.

The owner, John, came out and I immediately felt he understood. My first question was the only question asked by a rational man.."why? Why is this happening?". John, who used to be a nuclear scientist before he walked away from it all to open this modest shop, smiled and said "because you invited it into your life". Bam! There it is. No hiding. I jumped into the rabbit hole eyes wide open and without a bungee cord.

And so, I have allowed Baba to do his Baba thing. It gets a little ridiculous when I'm watching TV and he is waving to me like an idiot out of the photograph. His big time afro making it very difficult to not thing of Huggybear. But, believe it or not, I think that's the point. There is a cosmic humor to this stuff that we better find funny or the funny farm will find us.

Liane, my dear friend and algae, has been unbelievably supportive and downright stoked about this stuff. She also claims that I have a new super light coming out of my face, courtesy of Baba or Everready. I'm just going along with the program. Made a shrine, flowers, candies, incenses, candles.

One devotee says that Baba has been known to come into people's lives as cats. How interesting that Inky dies and all heaven breaks loose.

Stay tuned my friend. I have just taken the big E-ticket to the next floor.

With much much love. Call me my brother. You can use the phone too if you feel like it. I'll hear you either way.


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