Monday, September 17, 2007

SanGabrielValleyTribune: Dodgers fail in chemistry

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I couldn't agree more. Dodger Tony

Dodgers fail in chemistry - Paul Oberjuerge, Staff Writer

Paul Oberjuerge: LOS ANGELES - For the good of the game, some teams shouldn't win anything. Those who spend profligately. (Write us a check, New York Yankees.) Those who misbehave shamelessly. (Assume the position, Cincinnati Bengals.) View Full Story

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Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

It looks like the Dodgers are about done this season. They sure picked a fine time to go into a slump. The bullpen blew the last few games taking the Dodgers out of any consideration for making the playoffs. I guess it’s back to Wait until next year.

Your brother in suffering,


10:50 AM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

This Valley Tribune guy hits the nail on the head. I don't know why it is this way, year after year after year. Hell, even the Giants have an excellent starting staff so those traditional things in baseball can be broken. While I am very much not a Dodger fan, it pains me to see Tony in such agony. Oh, wait. I love it when Tony's in agony because he writes about it in his blog. Never mind, I hope Brad Penny's arm falls off.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Jamie you're funny. Of course being a Reds fan, you have suffered with us. They haven't won in about the same time frame as the Dodgers. We need the Dodgers and the Reds back where they belong and that is at the top.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Thanks for your cards and letter of support. I have the noose right here!
Just Joshin.

2:04 PM  

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