Saturday, March 22, 2008

Letter to David

Hey guy,

Thanks for your commie comments. I'll be sure to color them pink, you pinko.

But seriously folks, I had always thought your way my whole life. But as I get older and more crotchety, I find that I am definitely changing stripes. In fact, I now am quite open to the possibility that massive government is the problem. That huge cumbersome bureaucracy, which was initially set up to "deal", with apologies to FDR, with this tendency of exploitation, has of itself become the problem, as opposed to the unbridled capitalism it was meant to circumvent. That in fact, free markets do have a balancing effect on a society, a correcting influence, which has another effect of aiding a human being to strive for his greatest good, with apologies to Ayn Rand. It gets into semantics but is the goal of a society to create equality or goodness? Are all people really WORTH saving? I know this sounds cold and cruel, and frankly I find myself shuddering when I say it, but it does make a certain kind of sense. Civilizations are massively complex. How to keep the society functioning when not all elements of that society are the same is an Olympian task. There has never been anything in the history of the world like the United States of America, with its energy and potential, nor its allowance on its citizens to consume. But in my opinion, its hideous flaws are also what make it so important to this planet. Should we ignore these flaws? Of course not, but David, you must understand, I am on the front lines of our society day in and day out. I see all of these intricacies in play. I have watched how giant elephants can create black holes in our character and I have seen the extraordinary impact of illegal immigration on every facet of this great city and its citizens. My paradigm has changed because I am among and swimming in the truth of America. No offense to you personally, my dear friend, but the European enlightenment and the intellectuals who espouse what has influenced progressive liberalism in this country and the "new" democrats, who I like to call the "Nike" democrats, who frankly I would not even call democrats, this brand of political philosophy is fine, IN THEORY, but wait till they become ground zero, which is imminent. France has six million Muslims, we already have seen the UK compromised, and watch then as, in the words of a now famous preacher, "the chickens come home to roost".

More importantly, the problem is not my disagreement with what I call "The Big Deal", but the fascism that my party has become prey to. The vomit that spews forth from the African American liberation theologists is understandable, but the lefts embracing of it is noxious. That is the real evil in my opinion. It is nothing less than a hijack of democracy. It s greatest plot is something we all know very well. Something called: Political Correctness. When I posted the commentary on my blog exposing the sham of Obama, none of it was from my lips. It was ALL from the pens of others, almost all African American. Those who disagree with me have been careful to not make it personal. But trust me, there is the subtle signs of PC in their discourse. I can take it. But I smile when I realize that what I have been aware of actually occurring is what is coming back at me. The truth is the truth, man. I am grateful that I have not felt compelled to return the favor. But that is the lie of the left. It is nothing less than a civil war of ideology, with Jews, Latinos, Asians, WOMEN, all being left out of this dialogue. And I condemn Obama heartily for turning this important moment into a referendum on race. It is NOT the issue in this country today. Sorry.

Let's open our mouths for a change, and I DO mean a change.

Much love brother.



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