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I would love a show called "Lost" being a Dodger fan.

These are a series of blog entries on Nikki Stafford's blog site devoted to Lost. Near the end is a guy named "KeepingAwake" who excoriates me for being me.

What else is Jew?

Tony Forkush's Lost blog entries:

I humbly enter the fray with my disjointed memorialization of last night.
Am I mistaken that there was an episode where Jin purchased a large Panda bear for someone that we assumed was Sun? The final tableau showed this to not be the case and, yet, the two of them seemed to be extant in Korea after the rescue. However, Jin seemed to be in a false or alternate reality, perhaps one that did not contain Sun at all. Am I hallucinating this particular rorschach?

The drama is now biblical cum allegorical, with shifting semifor between abstract philosophical mentation and "heart" or "presence" higher spiritual dimension. The confrontation is now between the Egoic and the transcendent. Freedom lies not in the past nor the future but in the furtive present, eternal, sublime and mythically unknowable.
As Cambell says in Power of Myth, man is meant to have an experience of the divine not a direct knowledge of it.
Without this provocation with our, dare I say, souls, ontological existence is barren and "panoptic".
Indeed of our own making.
Freedom lies somewhere between the two.
1:12 AM


Two cents extra:

While the bulk of interest in pursuing the secrets of "Lost" seems dedicated to its ultimate solution of the riddle, I am concerned more didactically with the overall meaning of the piece. The bravura, unshakable interest bordering on obsession I have with the show is that it contains both, seemingly, answers to our questions (rabbit hole notwithstanding), AND some semblance or possibility of inherency. This is not just a TV version of "Myst", this is a prolix devotion, a meditation (Dharma, Richard's "Dalai Lama" testing of the young Locke)which seems to offer some kind of enlightenment, irradiating and bursting, suffuse with love and potentiality.
The definition of Dharma is life's purpose. The seed of one's life, freely given by agencies within and without of our consent, ever moving us forward to selfhood, reminding us of the "game" that we, in particular Western paradigmatic "thinkers", are playing in this dream. The pretension that we are not "Jacob", all of us, is a fiction played out by the Ego to move the show forward. It is a reminder of who and what we really are, and of where we come from and are going, but always NOW.
As we cathect with this fellowship, in the dark, in our own voyeuristic fantasies, the parable is devastating to our staid and risk-less "lives of quiet desperation".
"Lost" begs us to know that we are the substance of the universe itself, making itself remember to embrace the drama and LIVE.
1:49 AM


Thank you Mr. Redeem for clarifying the time frame re: Jin and his Panda. I was unclear when watching it.

Thank you Ms. Emma for introducing Homer into the equation. I accept your theory that there are elements consistent with his lyric poem, particularly the almost chorus like whispering "others" of Richard, etc. The large foot statue appears like something that Jason and his Argonauts would encounter. In my mind there is a subtextual search for some sort of "Golden Fleece", certainly internally, where I believe the bulk of this show resides.

"Lost", in my mind, could very easily share a doppleganger title of "Home". Thank you again Mr. Redeem for surreptitiously and with good intent introducing this vast and ubiquitous theme. All of us begin from home and must return to home. The final image of season four will always be an image of death in a coffin, WITH A NOM DE GUERRE, with Jack utterly unable to accept this final act of surrender, the thing he simply cannot do, hence Nikki your bolded introductory quote to this posting. None of the six can speak the name Jeremy Bentham as human beings dare not speak the name of their finitude.

From the moment of episode one, we were presaged this mystery and the Island's conquering, resurrectory power over human life. At least as it chooses (Boone, Shannon, Ecko, Michelle Rodriguez...echo drool sentiments...are they hidden as well?).

The cloud to me is where the formless others return and reappear depending on circumstance. They are its personification, and they it. They are there to provide nourishment in the transition from form to formlessness. But I digress.

I haven't a sailor's clue as to where the Dharma food is coming from, and the eternality of it, its infinite supply (Turning water to wine...multiplying the loaves and fishes). Very much looking forward to finding this out, hardy har har.

A show about watching a show.
Ce'st la vie.
3:03 PM


I appreciated the creators focusing on Walt and his queries regarding the truth.
One thing that all perplexed me and begs explanation is the comic book that Walt was reading with the Polar Bear in it. Could this be a memory of some past existence or a foreshadowing of/ or psychic projection ala Solaris, where one's thoughts become reality. Is there any difference between reality and thought on the Island. And shouldn't the Island have a name at this point?

Since Locke has been visited by the Others his entire life, one wonders if there has been this entire experience already. In other words, wasn't there a manifest on the boat which specifically KNEW where Ben was going to be at the exact time he approached the Orchid? This was the "fail safe" manifest.
And if the Jeremy Davies character had already encountered Desmond before, isn't it possible that the other characters Desmond had contact with in his flashbacks are also pertinent in some fashion to his present reality?
Also Claire's impact on the psychic she visited and his ominous reaction.
Why do they need the children?

(small voice) help.


Oh, and what about Penny and her "arctic station" and "underwater transmission chamber"? It seemes she actually has some understanding of where the Island may be and has actually arranged for certain constructions to assist in finding Desmond. She appears to have a significant insight as to the circumstance, including finding them in the ocean. Could SHE be Dharma Seed?


The image of Ben at the Donkey Wheel is pure Nietzsche. The themes of "Will to Power", the "Ubermensch" and "Eternal Recurrence" are all present. It is a stunning moment of symbolism. Ben unleashing the bright light of utilitarianism, forging his own "smithy". I encourage everyone to read about these concepts. They are heady but clearly omnipresent in the show.

Wikipedia is a very good resource for this.
2:23 AM

"Forging in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race".
-James Joyce
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
2:28 AM


I still have an impulse to believe that the theme of eternal recurrence is vibrant within the show and is an element that links the worlds together. It seems to me to be possible that the entire events of the show HAVE ALREADY TAKEN PLACE BEFORE, and are happening yet again but are somehow recognized by certain actors (metaphorically speaking) within the larger drama. While this messes with our Cartesian world view, or at least certainly mine, it makes some sense that this model is being used by elements to change the unchanging sequence of previously recorded events, or things. But as things are not real, they can be altered unless there is the theme of eternal recurrence which suggests that they cannot be. If that is the case then it is the way in which these characters DEAL with what is happening to them that matters more than what is actually happening, if you get my drift. (I hope you do, cause I could just see Hurley saying "whoa,dude".

This show can precipitate a short stay in a sanitarium with Hurley if one is not careful.
5:43 PM


KeepingAwake said...
Tony Forkush, I tried to email you, but couldn't find your addy.

Why are you here? All of a sudden? In unintelligible prose?

Are you a Lost fan, but having extreme difficulty in expressing your views? Or are you merely trying to drive traffic to your blog? I honestly cannot tell.
6:34 PM


Hello Keeping Awake.

Very interesting comments.

My blog is dedicated to the Los Angeles Dodgers, so not seeking to redirect there.

This is my first blogging related to "Lost", so this may or may not be the appropriate blog site for my pontifications. I noticed The Lost Blog and am investigating further.

Thank you for your compliment regarding unintelligable prose. My Postmodern grandmentors would be delighted.

Seeking to come to terms with Lost rather than solve it.



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Tony Forkush capitalist! What is the world coming to.

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