Sunday, March 01, 2009

Four months of my life I will never get back.

As the weekend sets into Monday, I am still up long past my bedtime trying to make sense of the most disgraceful sports negotiation I have ever witnessed. Four months ago the Los Angeles Dodgers made their first offer of two years and 45 Million dollars to Manny Ramirez and agent Scott Boras. It is now the first (soon to be the second) of March of 2009 and Manny is still not a Dodger. The most recent permutation coming earlier today as Boras offered a "new" offer that has the two sides roughly $3 stinkin Million dollars apart. But McCourt is starting to see blood and instead of just signing the deal, he is grabbing his crotch and acting all Nigguh on Boras. He is going in for the kill and, not unlike Kim Ng when she high fived the Dodger brass after defeating Gagne in arbitration several years ago, McCourt is acting like a little beeeyawtch. Great way to pave the red carpet for the greatest right handed hitter who ever lived, the man who single handed brought your team to the brink of a world series, great way to welcome him home. What an Irish prickly moron.

And its still not a sure thing. Manny doesn't have a prayer in hell to go anywhere else,that's clearly why Boras is playing this thing for all its worth. But the acrimonious, testy, nasty ass nature of these negotiations have set a new low for me. Manny will be a Dodger, unless he drops dead somehow which ain't gonna happen. The team will be a very formidable ballclub as O'Dawgs performance in Arizona showed today what his presence alone does for the defense. These negotiations have taken a toll on me personally however. Everyday looking at the paper and reading more and more of this nonsense has me totally spent. I believe, however, that these negotiations will end up being a class in some college somewhere. They are that ridiculous, or in the words of ESPN's senior baseball analysist Jason Stark, "insane".


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