Thursday, April 07, 2005

Chronic tooth pain

Every nook and cranny of my mouth is crumbling. I can feel each and every bit of calculus sticking like a stalagmite to the top of my maw. Or would that be a stalagtite? I can't remember the difference. But I know that most of the problems I have with my molars, and incisors and my bi-cuspids are directly proportional to the amount of abuse heaped on me by co-workers and my attachment to their disapproval. With every look and glance another bit of tooth shreds and calcifies. I smile trying to be pleasant but this merely causes mortifying looks of horror from these normal people as tiny bits of my smile shrivel and die at their feet. I carry a pan and broom to sweep up the dental dust which I save for my cats. I mix it into their food and plop marijuana sized rips of cat nip in there as well. They eat and dance and rot. They begin to fly up towards my ceiling and I laugh. A smokey, chalky swirling tornado of tooth decay launches up at them and they convulse. I approach a mirror and smile. There is the pain, looking directly at itself in reverse. This means I can believe some more in the wholistic approach to life. My beard continues to grow and I look older and older each day. So old that I have a hole in my gums where the shrimp used to be. Kitty seems hungry at that.


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