Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The higher self

I guess this recent series of rants about inner being are what I need to be writing about. We are almost out of that black vestibule called "The Holidays". Only the riotous New Year's celebration (i.e. Viva Zapata) stands between myself and the hope of spring. I have always felt that the holidays are like a strange whirpool of lonliness that keeps churning. Sort of like a crab nebula that the starship needs to pass through on the way to the Romulan Neutral Zone. I find that I am more petulant today, more worried, less calm. A little too much unstructured time on my hands for another week. Then, back to HH for the last four months of the school year. Things are good, they say. Yeah, they're alright. Better than before, that's for sure. I still wonder about the persistance of this disease thinking, this self involvement. I just need to quiet down a bit and pay attention. There will be guidance.


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