Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What happened to the food?

Hollywood High might be know for many things, food service is not one of them. Since I started working there over a year and a half ago, there is no cafeteria available for adults at all. Additionally, there is only a small window connected to a "hash house" that serves what remains of allotted portions for teachers and staff. If you arrive at the window three and a half minutes after lunch starts, you are SOL. The frightening reminder of this bizarre entropy can be seen in what has happened to the fully designed empty "ghost" cafeteria. It has been converted to a classroom with books sitting on the hinges of old lunch counters, blackboards blocking the old coffee maker and make-shift desks where communal tables once existed. Not that there isn't a plethora of eateries within mere blocks from the school, but with a half/hour (not even a dog can eat in that amount of time) to consume, there is no restaurant worth leaving campus for.
I have worked at over twenty different schools in my tenure witht the district. All of them have at least bare bones cafeteria services for the staff. I'm not really sure how long this has gone on for prior to my being here. One can only shake one's head as one eats one's Hot Pocket (plenty of free microwaves still availabe). What a joke!


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