Monday, June 05, 2006

Absence makes the heart grow fatter

You can assume that if I have left the airwaves for an extended period of time that it normally means a bout of depression. I guess that is what I have been going through over the last, well, since May 17 (my last entry).

What has changed so drastically to make me neglect my canvas of the soul? (How New Agey) Nothing in particular. All systems are still operable and are go. But I have been keenly nagged by this unrelenting sense of the human race as very very dangerous. That, in fact, most all human beings are not to be trusted whatsoever, and that it is best if I stay very far away from all of them. I know that this is yet another of the instructions from the ISM, however. I mean, not all people are completely hideous. There are quite a few very lovely people. But I'm afraid that the disease of the mind (the illness of our time) has zombified most of the humans wandering about in a cacaphony of greed related fear and dismay and self glorified narcissitic embolisms. This has created an imperative of proactive agitation and a seek to destroy mission by the controller (the egoic mind) against all that is gentle and good in the world. More frighteningly it has become rather automatic and is sub-dividing like a virus. Well, in my mind the egoic mind identification is a viral meme that threatens all life on this planet. I have it quite virulently. But, fortunately, I have the andidote to it's perniciousness: the present moment.

However, I must choose to activate the andidote by means of awareness of the NOW. The more present I become, the less likely I am to spread the virus of past and future by immersion into the real. The virus then is stunned and slowed to a manageable progression by the archangels that live in the I AM eternity and the Ascended Masters become overseers of our lives. But, again, we need to ask for it. A simple feat indeed but one blocked by one of the most powerful aspects of the egoic meme: guilt and need for control.

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