Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A single step

Each step I take towards myself sets the wheels in motion to take steps to God. By helping another I help the world and others who I have never met. On the level of the quantum field, kind and affirmative thoughts effect the overall well being of the planet. By throwing my hat into the ring as far as moving towards my desires, I further the good of man. By touching the depth of my soul, I help the human condition and free the imprisoned a little more each time. These may be imperceptible changes but they are significant. By not judging my fellow man, I open up the pathways to healing and love. By quieting myself, I return to my perfect state of compassion, joy and universal bliss. By focusing my attention on my inner life, I open the universe to the outer reaches of the galaxy. When I open up the bridge to the outer reaches of the galaxy, I unlock the mystery of who I am. When I unlock who I am, I change the fundamental nature of my reality and lay the groundwork for a new paradigm shift. This shift is nothing less than the next step in the evolution of humanity and allows us to move closer to the ultimate reality. The ultimate reality is unknowable and cannot be referenced, however I AM. When I have returned to this home I release the ego and understand there is no separation from anyone or anything. I experience the awe of nature and God and the unshakeable peace that comes from turning it over. Letting Go is the bridge. God is the home.


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You would enjoy "What The Bleep? Down The Rabbit Hole." Quantum mechanics, spirituality and consciousness. Available on DVD.


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