Friday, December 15, 2006

Help Me!

I am trapped in the body of a merciless comrade. I am formed by the malformation of a restraining order. I deepen the nail of my coffin with punch, the cherry kind. I love the body of Christ. I love the angelic quality of my students. I cry out to the love that takes love from me. I return to the kindness that limits the others. I forgive and reflect on the better angels of our nature. I damage the prior memories of my youth. I leave the house where I was born. I enter the entrails of my mirror. I grapple with the ignorance of my lovers. I scream at the din that is the city. I shriek at the silence that is nature. I discern the emergence of a paradox. I enter the regions of my "I". I inject myself with a numbing agent. I leave the world of the pestilent. I warm up the pie of my youth. I repeat the perlexities of my addictions. I dance the body electric. I sing the normal world's song. I am here and ebullient and distorted. I assume the position. I ask that you be quiet now. Please, be quiet now.


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