Thursday, December 21, 2006

Love is a priority.

I had a lovely conversation with a co-worker this morning. It has been a very rough day at work. The kids are going berserk. Their is acting out all over the place. I found myself getting exasperated. The home stretch is definitely in sight.

I went into the staff lounge and found my co-worker on the computer. We started talking about how crazy the morning was. Soon the conversation went from the difficulties of our positions here to the nature of biological imperative, Darwin and God, not your everyday discussion. It was a deeply refreshing drink of water in an otherwise dry day. By the end of our talk we had agreed to continue this at another time, maybe even see a movie together. Isn't it funny how surprises jump out at you when you absolutely least expect it and are not looking for it.

When we finished I felt a wonderful warmth. That is rare these days. Maybe it is old Saint Nick coming through, or the baby Jesus himself, or the Pagans, or the Druids, or the Who's of Whoville sending out their Good Vibrations. Whatever the spirit, I went into the Plant Managers office and grabbed a paper towel and wrote the following words:

Love is a priority.

I'm not sure where that came from. I like it. It would make a pretty neat bumper sticker. When my colleague mentioned that she felt a love coming from me, and has since she met me, it made me think. Why do some people exude that love, while others don't? And that saying came to me. IT IS A PRIORITY! That suggests that love is not really that much of a mystery. Well, it is a mystery, the greatest mystery of all. But to be a loving person is no different than being anything that you desire. When you put your attention on it above all other things, it blossoms and grows like the proverbial willow.

It kind of makes you wonder what the world would be like if Love were the sum total.


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