Monday, March 24, 2008

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It has come to my attention that what was once a given, lifelong friends, is no longer what is was once cracked up to be. Mostly, I think, because most lifelong friends of mine have cracked up. Frankly, if I'm not careful, I could be suspect to this banana virus myself.

For many, many, years now, I have remained silent while good people in my life have doled out their political ideologies as I quietly listened, nodding attentively so as not to upset the apple cart and turn our relationship into apple sauce, or strudel or pick what desert you will. I learned the old adage about politics and religion in infancy and have stayed on the outskirts of most discussions. For some reason, I always felt in the back of my mind that if I really espoused what I believed without censorship that many of my friendships would be compromised.

In the last several weeks I have found that fear was intensely warranted.

In what can only be labeled a crisis of political correctness, the rise of a charismatic, though deeply flawed, politician into the uber-consciousness of America has sent shock waves through our society and literally threatens to rip it apart. It is unlike anything we have seen in the last fifty years and possibly since the Civil War. What is the crisis, you ask? I will tell you, my dear friends:

It is the final release of nuclear facism the likes not seen since Joseph McCarthy. And the witch hunts of the fifties could look like a tea party compared to what's coming.

Somewhere along the way, our political discourse was hijacked by philistines, thugs whose main form of debate was to speak as loud as possible, to pepper us with anti-american screeds and simmering but relenteless anti-semitism. This form of dialectic came from Europe but was fomented on the campuses of colleges and universities and found its way into the very DNA of the democratic and progressive wing of the liberal party in America. Much of it is a backlash from Bush and his policies. But the form in which it takes is nothing less than the same form of facism that had its rise in 1929 Germany with the socialist party. We know how that party mutated.

Make no mistake, what is happening has shaken me to the core. I have been living under some form of sea coral. What I have been accused of recently on this blog is nothing less than a mugging. It is a mugging I can do without.

I am deeply grateful that I am not capable of such dehumanization. I am deeply indebted to all my friends for showing me how to stand up to any form of bullying no matter where it comes from, family or elsewhere. We only have our voice. And it is up to each and everyone of us to label injustice wherever we see it from. I am so sorry it has to come from home.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I have never attacked your religion. I feel we are all Jews. Being a liberal is hating all forms of violence and loving all kinds of people. Being a liberal is being tolerant of different types if they are homosexual or any other kind of life style that we all might not agree with.

These attacks from liberals are only in response to the movement to get rid of liberalism that was started with Reagan. I believe that "true" liberals and conservatives can get along. The neo-con style of government that has taken over our country will not allow this harmony. I believe we need both sides to balance each other out.

First of all, liberals are not neo fascist. Fascism is far right politics. If one leans too far left, they are communist. I have a theory: Politics is not a straight line, but a circle. In the middle are the moderates. The farther left and right one goes, the farther away from the middle you go. Eventually, you end up on the top of this circle where you meet exercising the same dirty tactics. Both the fascist and the communists use torture and repression to control its citizens.

American politics for the past 200 some odd years, could be described as being moderate. Either leaning left or right. But, these neo cons came along and upseted our system. Who is the one that really is anti-American? If they didn't like the way things were, why did they change it?

I use to be a moderate liberal until this compassionate conservative came around and took over the thoughts of America. We need each other for the checks and balances that we hold so dear to the American system. Part of this system has Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, Blacks and Whites. If we are to fulfill Dr. Kings dream, we must not forget that.

No, we liberals are not attacking the American way of life. We are fighting back. It was the liberals that gave freedom to its citizens. The conservatives sat back and tried to reconcile with Great Britain. It was the liberals that gave us the forty hour week. It was the liberals that gave us minimum wage. And it's the neo-cons that are taking it all away. Taking away our means to make a decent living. Taking away our jobs. Taking away our dignity. Taking away our freedom.

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