Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thank you for coming. Now go fuck yourself.

Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Brad Penny eats human shit against Mets shit squad in day game after night game.

This motherfucker gives up TEN FUCKING EARNED RUNS to the "B" squad of the Mets on a day game after a night game when we are in the middle of a hot as a pistol winning streak.
What a piece of human garbage and shit fuck.
I hate this asshole. Kevin fucking Brown revisited.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Hey, let's be positive. Brad Penny is our Mother fucker so don't you forget it. Only we can call him a shit eater. But, if some Cincy fan tries to come on this site and make fun of our mother fuckers, then I'll have to take exception to it.

Penny should learn to catch with Martin. Martin calls a good game and Penny should listen. But, I'll let Tony gives us some more colorful metaphors about Brad Penny.

"Ain't my f***ing fault Campanis is the f***ing guy."

May Jim Healy live on.

10:10 PM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

I hate to jump down on you but you are obviously out of control over losing one game, you arrogant Yid. Brad Penny could get bombed for his next four outings and someone like you should just shut up and quietly hope he turns it around. Brad Penny has been the most consistent Dodger on terrible Dodger teams. Yeah, he didn't go 12 and 1 the second half of last year but he had a gutless, soul-less squad behind him. This year, the Dodgers actually show life, ability and potential and you want to rag their best pitcher because he has one terrible outing. Unlike you towards Brad Penny, I can easily give the mighty Tony Forkush a pass for a shitty post.

10:19 PM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

Pascoe - Your brain is wandering in the desert. Like I would ever gloat about anything on earth much less anything baseball related while pulling for the worst team in baseball. Unlike Tony, you must be on crack. But I know you're joking. Tony is a nasty little prick towards Brad Penny, isn't he? He acts like the guy is fucking John Daly or something. Forkush can be such an ungrateful little bitch, can't he? Smash cut to a month and a half ago "Jamie, this is a fourth place team, Jamie. I am telling you that right now, right his moment. And it is potentially a LAST PLACE team. I kid you fucking not" Eat shit, Forkush.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...


I am the Forkush 4000 security monitoring system. You have Forkushviolated our blog security system apparatus and must leave this site immediately. Any future violations using codes of unjewish conduct will be reported to the Likud party and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner consistent with anti-semitic propoganda and shmears.

Thank you for coming. This commercial has been brought to you by Carl's Jr. You are an unfit mother. Fuck you.

System operator

12:30 PM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

Look what your team is doing with Andruw Jones hitting like .170. Dodger fans are in for a good season.
For non-Dodger fans like myself, just the sound of Vin Scully's voice, especially in the afternoon is one of the true joys of life in Los Angeles. Sadly though, I do not know Vinny's broadcasting schedule between radio and tv and sorry to say, I can't sit through a whole goddamn Dodger game. Maybe one of you could set me straight on when he's on the radio. In fact, I care so little for the Dodgers that I actually love it when they win now. I hope they go all the way, I swear to my mom I mean it. Go Dodgers to the World Series. If only to shut that mighty Forkush mouth (aka The Jaws of Life) At least some. Pascoe can readily speak his Dodger joy but oh not Miserable Tewny. He gets so quiet when his little teamy-poo is winning. The Dodgers winning are his little binky I want him to have it, goddamnit. Look where your team is and Andruw Jones is hitting .170 or something isn't he?

9:02 PM  

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