Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chick has spoken-it was a mismatch.

Just prior to the finals I predicted a Boston win in five games. I almost had my wish, but I think they wanted to win it back at the "gawhden".

Let me just say how proud I am of the Lakers, an overachieving team that, somehow, was just two games away from hoisting a banner up from their own petards.

The cold hard reality, however, from a man who doesn't watch basketball at all, was that this was all about selfishness versus unselfishness, joy versus brooding arrogance, hip hop versus rape.

No one was a truer and more passionate Laker fan than I. I adored the Lakers, especially Ervin and Kareem. When Shaq came to LA I was a huge fan. But then something foul was afoot. We all noticed it after the first "can you dig it?" celebration downtown, remember the white boy dance of oh what the hell was his name anyway? There, in the background, away from everyone else, shooting his water gun, was a separate and disconnected little egomaniac child genius. We shouted and hooped and hollered, but there he stood and we all felt somehow slightly uncomfortable, didn't we?

Then the disagreements and the rumours started. Finally it all ended and the joy left LA to Miami where he rightfully won another ring.

The darkness became something even more horrible. Everything we feared suddenly became very terrifyingly real.

Kobe Bryant was evil.

Kobe Bryant remains evil.

Evil cannot and will not prevail, even if it wears the purple and gold.

The Celtics are the good guys I'm afraid to say, in this situation. That is why I pulled for them and knew what the result was. I just didn't know it would be this final and this definitive.

Get your LA asses out our house. Take those flags off your four runners and Hummers and Priuses and go tell someone what you just saw and what you just were told. Testify to LA about the glory of joy and defense.

And send that devil child somewhere far away from the city of Angels.

Congratulations bean town!


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Did you know that Wilt Chamberlain was in the same situation that Kobe was in? In those days, a woman was the guilty party. The woman that accused Kobe had semen in her from many guys and it was apparent that she was trying to set him up.

This angers me because I hate the prejudice the courts have against woman who try to prove rape. Men should not get away with wonton rape. But it is difficult to prove. The Duke case and the one with Kobe makes it difficult for woman who really have a case. All of us wanted those Duke boys guilty because they are rich bastards that disserve it. But, do they disserve it because they are guilty or because they are rich?

We can’t assume that every time the police make an arrest that the person is guilty. Unless we follow the case exactly can we know if a person is guilty. We have had a few here in Vegas. Just like Colorado, you get arrested here, you do time regardless if you are innocent or not.

To assume otherwise is being heartless and cold. Have we come to that in this country? I say not and hope the true America will come out.

The Celtics the good guys? I’ll believe that when the Yankees become the good guys.

9:07 AM  

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