Saturday, July 26, 2008

Casey Blake traded to the Dodgers

I turned on the radio this morning and was very pleased, and surprised, that Ned Colletti pulled this off. I thought for certain that we would have to lose one of our "prized" youngsters. I like it when that player named "Cash" is thrown into the deal as well, something the Dodgers have done little of over the years when making trades, it seems.

Blake adds a veteran clutch presence to this team that is in dire need of that presence. You now have a plus 34 year old infield, with the exception of James Loney at first. While defensive range may be a concern, the Dodgers now have a solid infield with significant veteran bat presence and clubhouse leadership. It is a Mike Lowell type of signing that will unquestionably help the team in more ways than Blake's numbers alone.

I'm not exactly sure where he will hit in the lineup (is anybody sure where anyone will hit with Andruw Jones clogging the arteries?). My suspicion is that he will probably hit six after Garciaparra, with Loney hitting seventh and Jones the most expensive number 8 hitter in history.

Eventually they will be forced to sit Jones and he will be the $16 million dollar Olmedo "Tomato" Saenz.


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