Friday, August 15, 2008

Bedknobs and broomsticks.

For the first time since 1962 (I was a mere lad of two), the Dodgers swept the vaunted Philadelphia Phillies four games in one of the most professional baseball series they have played in recent memory. After three grotesque losses on the road to the Cards and Hated Ones, the Blue found something within themselves and shocked the baseball world with their total team effort. They played excellent defense, smart fundamental baseball, had timely hitting, hit for power, scored runs and pitched their asses off. They found ways to win no matter what the circumstance in games they would have rolled over for as early as the first half of this season.

Make no mistake, the infusion of Manny Ramirez into the lineup (his shortened dreads hopefully not taking away his Samson like strength, he went O'fer tonight)has changed the face of this entire franchise and given the team something they have not had in years: confidence. They come to the ballpark EXPECTING to win. And they better continue. The 17 game above .500 Brewers are coming in, albeit without Sabathia and Sheets, who just finished their spots in the rotation.

Of course the slippery Snakes won as well, making this a fight to the last day of the season against the Hated Ones that much more dramatic.

Holy Shit Batman. What a team!


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

What a week. The Dodgers are home where they are doing pretty good. They are three games above .500 and have a four game winning streak. Every game is going to be crucial even the road ones where we have a dismal 26-32 record.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as it will be a bumpy ride from here.

3:22 PM  

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