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I wanted to wait until the series with the D'Backs ended to finally break my silence regarding the greatest deal in the history of the Dodgers. Believe it or not, I was more interested in seeing where the team would be after today THEN I would feel comfortable with all the goings on over the last week. One game back after today is fine with me.

What can I say? I keep expecting someone to pinch me. Is this actually happening?



His performance over the weekend was nothing short of awesome. He went four for four today, with another homerun (two over the weekend), and absolutely changed the entire face of this franchise overnight. Combined with the other acquisition, albeit a quietier guy Casey Blake, the Dodgers have suddenly catapulted their offense into a legitimate and possibly downright scary force to contend with.

Vin Scully was absolutely stunned and literally said that this team had changed totally. It has also allowed the other hitters to relax and taken the pressure off of the youngsters to try to do too much. The one guy who this will make into a superstar I believe is Matt Kemp. But the whole team has a looser feel to it and are having fun, something that has been lacking here forever.

Now, we shouldn't get too excited, though. The next month for the Dodgers is absolutely brutal, with the team playing 29 games in the next 30 days, 20 of them against teams with winning records, 14 of those games in the next three weeks, and they play the Phillies 8 times in that stretch. At the same time, the Diamondbacks play the same number of games and only one of those teams they play, the Marlins, have a winning record, and they end the month playing LA for three in Arizona.

The Dodgers will be severely tested, and will have to have contributions from everyone to try and keep pace with the Snakes. Good news is that Brad Penny, yes THAT Brad Penny, is scheduled to make his first start in well over a month and a half against the Giants in San Francisco next Friday. If he can turn it around, I think the Dodger pitching shapes up quite nicely. Oh, by the way, the staff ERA for this entire homestand was 1.60.

But, OH, Manny being Manny sounds so sweet.

Halelujah, Savior!


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I've been working fifteen hour days because the two jobs I work at do not pay me enough to work the traditional eight hour days. So, I missed a lot in the news. I was on my lunch break at one of my jobs and the Dodger game was on. Now, I knew they were playing the Diamondbacks in a four game series, but I did not know about the Manny deal.

As if this was some kind of sitcom, just as I sit down I see this guy in dreadlocks walk up to the plate. "I know who that is. . . um that's um. . . Manny Ramirez." I did that classic cartoon double take with the "wa, wa" from the trombone in the background. "Manny Ramirez? Have I been in a cave?" I could not help but blurt out loud for everyone to hear, "When did they get him?"

The chefs at the Circus Circus said they just got him. "How. . ." I could not speak. I was going to say no fucking way to myself trying not to blurt too much.

He gets a standing ovation which led Vin Scully to say, "This reminds me of my trip to Vegas ten years. I saw Barbara Streisand and she also got a standing ovation. She went up to the mike and said, 'I haven't done anything yet.' That's what this reminds me of."

I think those standing ovations is not for Ramirez, but to Dodger management, "Thank you. Thank you so much for bringing us a quality player."

We Dodger fans love our team. We can't stand it when they play bad. We go to games even when they lose. Only the Cubs have us beat for suffering so long. At least my Dodger jacket has six World Series banners on the sleeves.

Can this be the Kurt Gibson moment we've been waiting for? Time will tell. (And Jamie don't chime in with "You guys are not the only ones to love their teams" crap.) We know the Reds have a great winning tradition and it's tough to see them down. Especially that Griffy is gone. But, this Tony's blog and his team is the Dodgers so humor us for now. Tease us when this entire thing blows up in our faces when the Dodger once again go down in defeat. But, for now, let us enjoy it. (And I do enjoy all of your comments by the way.)

6:32 PM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Horrific loss in St. Louis tonight, no other way to coin it. The Dodgers man up and score four runs in the ninth to tie it, but leave the go ahead run in scoring position only to have Ludwick win it in walkoff fashion in the bottom of the 12th inning. Fucking crushing loss!
We are now two and a half behind the D'Backs. We will be ten games back by the end of August, in this horrible scheduling fuck up which gives them awful teams to play while we have to play every great team in the NL.
What a fucking load of bullshit.
All this Manny for crying out loud crap will be just an afterthought come September 1 when the Dodgers are basically out of the race and Manny leaves to the Mets at the end of the year.
Fuck Em all!!!

12:31 AM  

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