Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rest easy my friend

Yesterday, my dear friend and mentor Guillermo Leon passed away in Mexico City. His death was as shocking as it was sudden. Words cannot express my sadness over his passing. At the same time, I am left with feelings of such deep appreciation and gratitude that my own small mind, the one I equate with "Me", even IT understands how big our true nature is. What I learned from Guillermo will never leave me. Most of all, he taught me the nature of joy and what he coined "Rule #62: Never take yourself too seriously.

His death is an enormous loss for all of us, but a tremendous gift to the angels.

Hasta Luego mi Amigo.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I am not familiar with Signor Leon. Was he a teacher of yours at Cal Arts?

3:08 PM  

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