Monday, November 24, 2008

A town without pity

I'm not sure why this past weekend there was so much brutality and madness in my neighborhood. Poor old Hollyweird. Its getting a bad name for itself.

On Friday night in Silverlake, an estranged husband came to his house demanding to see his children, in violation of a restraining order. The woman called 911 and the police came but the husband had fled the scene. There was an APB out for the guy, but during the time the police were looking for him, he came back to the house, killed his two children, injured his wife, and then turned the gun on himself. This happened about a mile from me.

On Sunday afternoon, a disgruntled ex church of Scientology member from Oregon brandished two five foot Samurai swords in the garden at the Celebrity Centre off of Franklin and Bronson. Two security guards blew him away defending themselves. The police have no idea why Mario Majorski, 48 years old, came all that way to do such a thing. Clearly they haven't read Kafka. This happened less than a half mile from my apartment.

Also on Sunday, later, a man in an SUV had words with a pedestrian in the crosswalk at Wilcox and Schraeder, right in front of the Hollywood/Wilshire YMCA. The man in the SUV got out, kicked and beat the pedestrian (who may or may not have deserved it). He then got back into his SUV and ran over the pedestrian in the crosswalk killing him instantly. He has still not been caught. This happened a mere two blocks from where I work at Hollywood High School.

Bottom line here folks? Watch your backs, they're getting closer


Blogger Jeff said...

I have children that, during my divorce, I was not allowed to see but a few times a month, for three really long years. I understand the rage that one can experience when some asshole judge and a vengeful ex-wife decide your children are no longer yours. It can even drive you insane. Still, there is nothing in the range of hateful feelings I have experienced that would lead me to murder my own children. It is incomprehensible.

2:47 PM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

Not sure what Forky means by "they're getting closer" but there's examples of outright miracles happening right now, too. It's like that in a big city. I remember before 9/11 everyone was up in arms about all the shark attacks that were going on when we later found out that shark attacks had actually gone down. But then again, Forky is talking about events in his neighborhood which makes it personal so never mind. Press on.

7:49 PM  

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