Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can you say National League are total losers?

You know, I took for granted all the years when the NL shoved it up the ass of the AL during my youth. That's right, every stinkin year I would get to laugh at the Freddy Lynns and Luis Tiants as Pete Rose and Steve Garvey would run around the bases every July. 12 consecutive wins to none for the AL

I am now paying dearly for all those years.

In what can only be described as an NL West pitching nightmare, Tim Lincecum, Chad Billingsley and Heath Bell gave up all four runs to the American League All Stars tonight in front of the most knowledgeable National League fans, in perhaps the most storied National League city, with their most storied current player, in front of their greatest player and perhaps the greatest NL player of all time, and laid a big fat doodoo on the front lawn. The American League won 4-3 over the National League, and broke the NL record of 12 consecutive wins to go 13 and 0 over the National League who hasn't won an All Star game since 1996, with apologies to President Clinton.

Once again, they lost by a single stinkin dangleberry out of their asses. But it was enough to propel perhaps the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, Anaheim Angels, or any single one of any team you want, to home field advantage no matter what National League team they play in October. Granted, home field in Baseball is by no means a fait accomplis, but it still makes a difference. No team would it make a greater difference to than....the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have the best home record in Baseball (as well as the best road record mind you). But are Dodger fans more comfortable today with the prospect of a game 7 in Fenway against Josh Beckett, or New York against Sabathia, or game 7 in Anaheim against Lackey and his band of faggots? You get the picture.

The most un-fucking-believable thorn in Dodger fans sides after tonight's game, though, has got to be the despicable and gutless performance of their very own Billingsley, who very well may have single-handedly lost the world championship for them by allowing a 2 strike, 2 out double to left field by Joe Mauer, after Yadier Molina couldn't hold onto a third strike foul tip. Forget about Molina. The fact that this loser came back to allow the tying run, setting up the debacle of Heath Bell, is simply too much to take and sends the most detestable message, yet again, to your team that you are 100 % GRADE A PRIME CHOICE ASSHOLE, who cannot be trusted with an important game at any point the rest of your Dodger career.

And how about Lincecum? What the hell was that? Or Roy "let's trade our whole Dodger roster for him" Halladay giving up four consecutive hits and three earned in the first.

What may have been the most galling moment in a litany of humiliations, however, was that immediately after Chad Billingsley ate shit on the mound in the fifth, ex Dodger Edwin Jackson came out for the bottom of the 5th and made what seemed like three pitches to quickly end the inning. Great trade Ned!

But a more sinister and touchy subject needs to be addressed here, I'm afraid. That is the decision by either MLB itself, or the NL bigwigs, to chose players of color who are not legitimate All Stars in an attempt to fit the bill of political correctness and use the NL squad to fit some kind of marketing quota totally compromising the NL's chances of actually having the best players on the field to compete with the AL. Are you telling me that Arizona D'Backs Justin Upton deserved to be in left field late in the game for the NL over JUAN PIERRE? Or that Ryan Howard was the best choice to come up with two men on when all the NL needed was a stinking single? All one needs do is look to both squads and see the difference in ethnic makeup. How ironic that a player of color, Carl Crawford, wins the MVP on an overwhelmingly anglo dominated AL Squad. As long as the NL plays the Jackie Robinson card year in and year out, it will lose. And with the World Series at stake, it is too high a price to pay and is unfair to the fans of this great league and, I feel, the better game.

And what about Charlie Manuel and his decision to leave in Heath Bell, the third Padre pitcher to lose an All Star Game IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS with Johann Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and two more pitchers on the NL bench?

It ain't just AL dominance. It is really really bad coaching, combined with political correctness, and gutless NL pitching that has cost them home field the last six years.

Hey NL, your fate is in your own hands. For tonight, I'm sitting on mine.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I thought this was a very good game last night. But, I have to tell you, I am not impressed with Mr. Lincecum. I don’t get it. However, we did make up for it and took the lead. It was Billingsley that screwed it for us. What kind of performance was that? And while where on bad decisions, my didn’t they keep Trevor Hoffmann in for more than one inning?

Heath Bell came in and they were saying how he was replacing the legend and so on and so on and all of the other bullcrap that sports announcers spew to us. And guess what happened folks? There went the game.

You can criticize the decision to put in Ryan Howard, but I thought it was a great move. I would have. But, what was that horrible swing Howard made to end the rally? That started off low the moment it left the pitchers hand. I don’t understand why you would swing at that?

All in all it was a good game. Both squads proved that the Allstars can play for keeps. So why don’t we lift that stupid rule about home field advantage? The real villain last night was the fucking Commish. Let’s string his skinny ass on the flagpole at Busch Stadium.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

It really is more Bud Selig material for the trash pile of history.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I agree. From a sport that has some miserable Commissioners, he is the worst.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Hey, Dodger Tony, what a win yesterday. I turned on the television at about I think the fourth inning. We were losing and about to get blown out. The Astros were about to have a big inning and give the Dodgers their third loss since the All-Star break. Then we stopped them from scoring. I knew then and there that it was possible to win this game.

Matt Kemp was awesome. He was responsible for all 4 Dodger runs.

What was up with the Astros pitchers? Don’t they know how to cover first base? The starter was responsible for Hudson getting hurt. He was supposed to touch the bag and get out of the way. He went to the bag so slow, the first baseman yelled at him. Orlando had no choice but to grab him on the way by. I hope he is not out for long.

Then, the Dodgers got a gift from the relief pitcher Lopez’ inability to cover first. He tried to run before he had the ball. Then he tried to throw home before he had the ball. It was a gift the Dodgers were glad to except.

Let’s hope that we can do better against Jamie’s Reds. (Sorry, my man. Nothing against the Big Red Machine.)

10:21 AM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Tony, I tried to email this to you, but it was returned. So, I am posting this for all to see. It's not that bad.

Thanks for calling last night. Sorry about my phone. I can’t believe what happened to you. This should not be in this country. It seems that the greed from Corporate America has ruined this great nation. A friend of mine from the magic shop told an interesting story that I think applies to how things got so fucked up.

He and his family use to go to a pizza place called Peter Piper Pizza. They use to go every week and order their pizza. They use to love it. It had plenty of cheese and the ingredients were fresh. Then one day my friend noticed a change. “Hey,” he said, “There is something different about my pizza.” The others wanted to know what he meant. He said, “There is less cheese on it. And the ingredients don’t seem as fresh.”

He was told that’s how it always was. Then he figured it out. Little by little they were giving him less cheese and slipping in canned and frozen ingredients. Before he knew it, his pizza has changed.

This is what happened to our country. Little by little we were getting fucked in the ass, but didn’t feel it. Then one day we turned around and we noticed that the wealthy and the true rulers of our country have their dicks in our ass.

“How did this happened?” we asked. Well, it’s always been that way… or has it?

At one time the American people had true strength and that was buying power. If your prices our too steep, then I just won’t buy. Then you are forced to reduce your prices or your merchandise will rot. This rollercoaster was constant for about 200 years. Well, in the 70’s and 80’s the companies where fed up with this. They wanted all of the control. So they created credit. They put in a president, Reagan, that was going to deregulate everything so government couldn’t do anything about it.

In the eighties, prices climbed. Americans couldn’t afford their prices, so instead of lowering them, they gave everyone credit cards. The people bought because… well… they had to. Then the credit cards dried up and they still raised their prices. The American people once again couldn’t afford to buy so they gave us payday loans. So the American people bought the merchants products because… well…they had to.

Now we are in such a debt we will never get out of. Prices have far exceeded what the average American is making. And Americans are cutting back until we can’t cut back anymore. What a mess. And we can’t boycott by not buying because they have taken our true power away from us.

Can we change this? I don’t know how. The fat cats love it the way it is. Politicians are bought out by those that want to keep the status quo. Those that try to buck the system get bumped off.

We are fucked my friend.

8:41 AM  

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