Thursday, September 01, 2005

Leggo my ego

War of the Worlds, Steven Speilbergs modern day allegory, had more resonance to it than we could have possibly imagined. How does he know what he knows? Who could have imagined the images we are seeing each night? There is very little to say. I am numb. Could he have seen something that we all knew was coming but couldn't wrap ourselves around? This a time of tremendous challenge. How we chose to perceive the world, as it is today, is very much critical to our ability to find safety in all the moments of our life. One man can see it from a political perspective, another a religious perspective. I chose to see it from a perception of personal serenity. We are shown, all to clearly, that change is truly the only thing that lasts. If we can understand that, then we have the opportunity to clear away the terrible, suffering need to control that which we cannot. I can't put these images on TV into a social perspective, I don't understand it to that degree, even though that is how it's being shown. But I do take it as a call to deeper contemplation and deeper submerging into the self. There is no more time to waste avoiding knowing who you are. Now is the only time. Find yourself truly today. You will see the forest that you have been hiding from yourself because of your shame. You will find the truth inside.


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