Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Still home

I'm still at home. I haven't been back to work since Friday when they took me to the ER. I am awaiting the results of my CT scan of my brain. Maybe they will find something. Maybe they will explain what is going on up there. I could have used that 44 years ago.
I have to fast tonight for fourteen hours and then take a fasting glucose test in the morning before going in for the results of my brain scan. I was also adivsed to ask about my carotid artery, as it may be partially blocked. Also perhaps Mynears disease (Mine Ears have seen the glory of the coming of the lord). I'm on 3 mgs of atavan right now just to stay upright. I'm rather sedated at the moment. Foggy bottom. If they don't find anything medically wrong then I guess its a little trip to the birdy place. Nice white rooms with flower arrangements. Quiet except for the terrible screaming. A brief stay to figure out how to stop falling down. The food is okay. People kind of wonder where you are and they you reappear sometime in a few weeks. They ask how you are and you say "Oh fine. Just fine, thanks, how are you"?. You go back to work and everything kind of resumes, except that they have developed a very quiet but unbendable opinion of you and your malady. "Trying to get off of work again, motherfucker". "God damn Union, they get away with murder". "Poor Tony, he needs the lord Jesus". "Stay away, it may be contagious".
What about my plans of world domination by academy award? How bout the gorgeous concubine that I'm still waiting for? Money, money, funny money. Nope. This is what's going on right now see. Pretty Penny Tony Pony riding his little poopie pie. Gimme some. I wanna. I wanna. Help me mama.
Fascinating Captain, to see very clearly how the psyche collapses at just the right time to save itself from itself. That's okay. Remember the old sign that your aunt and uncle used to have on their wall: When the rush is over I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I've earned. I've worked hard for it, and nobody is going to stop me.
Yeah, you bet.


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