Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fw: Re: FW: Just Say Thank You

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Why is it so damn hard to embrace gratitude? Why do I curdle and shiver and Oprahfry and swindle my way back to "why me, where's mine and fuck you"? (the addicts theme song). Wow. Even writing five things a day seems like selling out. You know what I mean? What the fuck is that? The ego is absolutely crazy, out of it's mind, sick mufuguh. It's tells me I'm a spineless weakling if I'm grateful (what the hell have YOU got to be grateful for?) Oooh there's so much fake power in that it feels fucking great.

Gratitude is a tool to bring us back into alignment with our spiritual practice, reveals the nasty dangerous ego for what it is (and don't underestimate it's nastiness) and removes the crud which blocks us off from our true nature sat-chit-ananda/ being-conciousness-bliss. Happiness is that which lay revealed when the distractions of our self stop. Isn't it time to welcome this supercharged love filled word?

Thank you Rebecca. Thank you for bringing me back into ease. I've been watching Da Avahbasa (The Bright) on video and he was bumming me out big time. I think he's either a genius or a madman (not much difference there). These guru's make you feel pretty shameful sometimes. Or expose our ego's for the self-made criminals they are.

With unconditional love,


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