Thursday, March 09, 2006

More on illness

Write what you know. Isn't that what they say? So, here goes.
I have healed from my other infirmity, of the gastric distress variety, and now am fighting a bad flu-like respiratory cold. I have been chronically sick now coming up on two years time. How do I define chronically sick? I guess considerable recurrant health problems every several months. In other words, one gets better for a bit and then gets sick again.
I have found that when I want life to be different in any way, shape or form, I suffer. Can I change things in my life to increase my liklihood of consistent health. Yes sir. Quitting smoking, diet and excercise and positive mental attitudes are all very helpful.
Dana Reeves was a non-smoker.
Don Knotts died of old-age.
Kirby Puckett died of a stroke. Yes he was overweight.
The point is that Jim Morrison's line "No one gets out of here alive" looms more and more significant everyday I'm alive.
Constant and recurring sickness is a drag. But so is obsession and addiction and fear and lack of human connection and lonliness and poverty.
And, above all, boredom and security. the sameness of life, lived rituaistically, non-risking, in a bubble of self-concious protection of the body that is not you. Being out of touch with the divine is far worse than the worst sickness.
But, wah wah wah, I feel like shit. I want my mommy. I want some one to come here and take care of me and my life. I want to be better.
I have the right to ramble on here. It is my blog for christ's sake.


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