Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Which God?

How bout this God. How bout the one you are right now. How bout the one you pray to, plead to for help and aid, sustenance and comfort, forgiveness and solace and then realize that you need no one to grant you these things. How bout getting down on your hands and knees and being directed to turn over and sit on your tush, close your eyes, put your hands in your lap and find forgiveness that way. How bout both ways. How bout one way leading to the other which is not supposed to happen is it? It's supposed to be one God right? Theism at it's finest baby. But non-dual? Pan-theistic! Surely heresay, the church would say.
Go in and find out that you are God. Go in and find out that you are every fixed point and beyond and that your normal waking concsciousness, your singular point of attention, is just that: a radar to move you around your hologram as you do this life one moment, one being at a time. Remember, it is all of you. God is all of you.
But if you need a father figure in the clouds to redeem you moment to moment, just remember that he's there also, merely one of the many faces of you.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

For some reason, others don’t think I have feelings. I always have to take a back seat to other peoples feelings. The people at my work go to lunch, but not once ask me if I want to go. Not once do they get to know me. Carole’s son Sean spouts his emotions, but I’m suppose to ignore him lashing out at me. I’m supposed to be smarter than that. Fuck that! I have fucking emotions too. We can’t ignore our emotions. We may say that because we an intelligent being, we are suppose to be in control of our emotions. That’s one of this biggest horse shit lies.

We all have a conscious and a sub conscious mind. We think on the conscious level, but react on the sub conscious level. The more we hide in our attics that is our sub conscious, the worse it gets when it is released. Fuck them all! My feelings count too.

That whore that is my cousin has ruined my life by feeding lies to my brother-in-law. She said that our family was concerned that I turned queer when I took ballet. Then Ray in turn tells Sean, who in turn tells Carole. The cunt that is Maria, also told my wife that I live off of her (my wife). This has made my life miserable because anything that I do, I get criticized for. My money is not my money. Because Carole makes more than me, those horse shit asshole kids of hers throw that into my face. And when I do make money, Sean reminds me that he got me the job that I am currently working at. It is effecting my job. I am not working with the same spunk like I did. Of course, being ignored by the people here do not make it easier either. You are the last person that I can trust.

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