Friday, February 24, 2006

Booboos in the Bobos shphere !

These are the words that jumped out of my mouth when I saw my youngest cat earlier today. I just looked at her and I screamed out "Booboos in the Bobos shphere !".
What is it about our animals that turns our literary life into such foolishness? I think it's the pure delight of their existence. Their absolute certainty in their beingness. I mean, "have you ever seen a cat make an aesthetic mistake?" (Alan Watts). They look at you with those eyes and your just wiggle yourself into bizarre aphorisms. You realize how unserious this all is. How could the world be so bad when your gigantic five hundred pound Koshka flops around and emits feline tendencies? And what is there for us to learn in this kind of living?
I think that the animals are living in the way God intended all creatures to live. Where along the way "man" fucked this up would fill the annals of libraries (as well as anals). We invented language and thought and mutilated them by forgetting that "reality" is not the same as the word "reality", or the thought or concept "reality". We mistook the symbol for the actual. The "real". But wait a minute, you say, we need these things to make our world conveninent ("howwwww conveeeeeenient"). If we didn't worship symbols then we wouldn't have a society or culture. We wouldn't know how to do things now would we? You think you don't do this? Well...try this: go into a supermarket and buy forty dollars of food. Watch what happens to you when you remit the $40.00 to the checker and receive the bag of food. Are you excited to be getting the food? Certainly not! You get depressed. You have just traded $40.00 of paper for the true wealth. But we think of the wealth "well, that's just necessary". I mean "that's to be really screwed up now isn't it?" (more Alan Watts in quotes).
When I watch the animals, hey. They are constantly showing me how to live in the present moment. To let go and stop trying to control the world. When I do this, I am fine. It's when I don't that the whole world becomes confusing. Sartori: the act of humourous enlightenment.


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