Sunday, March 12, 2006

The silence of love.

Someone says something to me to instill fear. Someone says something to me to compliment me. Someone says something to me that I believe, either complimentary or derogatorily. Someone says something to me to help me, which I perceive as to hurt me. Someone says something to me that is an underhanded backhand and I take it as sincere. Someone says something to me. Someone says something to me about them, not me. I believe it is about me. I believe that what they say may bust me. They may find out that I'm not really who they think I am. Or better yet, they may find out that I'm not really who I think I am. One way or another, what they say matters to me almost as much as what I think they said. So what's really going on here? The mind is making decisions based on protecting it's fallacy of being the only true and lasting me that I know. the mind doesn't want to allow the I in me to reveal itself to itself. So it goes into a kind of overdrive to push the silence of love away. The silence of love is the present moment. The silence of love is without fear, or guilt or shame. It is not bought and sold by compliments, as it is the eternal currency of our being. It need bargain with no one. But the mind is outrageous in it's persistance that it judge and weigh and scurry and run and condemn and look for anything outside of itself for safety and security. Where's the fucking ice cream man? Where's the fucking ice cream? MAN!
There is simply no amount of mental security to make us feel safe. As long as we go to our minds for our information then we will get a fearful solution. That's really what prayer is. Going to our I our God self for the truth of the matter. And one person's comment can send me onto the hampster wheel for my serenity, despite any evidence to the contrary. Evidence from the outside world, or evidence from God. This is victimhood. This is what needs to be observed and compassionately viewed, without judgement, without perniciousness or self-condemnation. From this perspective we can see what our tendencies are, truthfully and then, as we see truthfully, see from love. This is where our answers lie to our many questions, not in the mind that see's through the head of a straw.


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