Sunday, February 19, 2006


At 12:30PM this cool Sunday afternoon, I turned on the radio and was immediately transported by a piece of music that was indescribable. As I stopped all my activities (my poor omlete got overcooked) I began to wonder who could have written this masterpiece. It was a symphony, clearly played by an English orchestra (once you've listened to Neville Mariner and Christopher Hogwood long enough you can really tell their signatures at the bottom of the page) but clearly not English. I had never heard it before but it seemed as though I had heard it a thousand times. Each collection of notes and the revelation of each illuminatory discovery led me more and more to suspect that it was either Beehtoven or Mozart. I knew enough of their styles and predilections to dismiss it as being any other composer. But the determining factor for me was a very indelible fact: While dramatic the difference between the two diverged when I began laughing and rollicking around my apartment at the sheer childsplay of the symphony. I knew then that Wolfgang was in Da' House. Beehtoven would have socked me around a bit and then shook me up, but no, this was TRUE DELIGHT.
As the gloriousness came to an end, the ever pleasant announcer confirmed for me what I had intuited. The piece: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony "Neue Lambach" in G. Under the direction of Christopher Hogwood and The Academy of Ancient Music.
Written by Mozart...when he was 8 years old.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I have a theory that Mozart was a time traveler. He was a frustrated musician that never achieved what he hoped. It took him a lifetime to learn what he knew. It took him his entire existence to write all of these wonderful scores. He was afraid that all of this would go to waste. Then before he died, he discovered time travel. He went back to when he was a child and used what he learned and applied it. That’s why he died so young.

I believe that God gives us a few chances to make things right. I wonder where I am on this perspective.

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