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God's way.

There is a passage in the bible that refers to god's way being the narrow way, that the path to evil is broad and wide. I feel, once again, that this is true. Once you make a decision to follow the righteous path it seems that your world gets very foccused. I wouldn't call it small, but I would call it narrow. Not narrow in the sense of one dimensional either. But I would say that right and wrong become more clearly dileaneated. Again, I don't mean right or wrong in the moral sense, although I think that is part of it. I mean narrow in the sense of concious, awake, compassionate, courageous, forthright and thrifty and true (hey, I guess God really is a boy scout).
But seriously folks, I tend to go back and forth about God and his relationship to evil in the world. I believe in Jesus as much as I believe in Brahman. I find that the truths spoken in the New Testament are every bit as true in the Gita and the Sutras. But the Vedas have a very different perspective about destiny. In Hinduism we are partners in all that happens to us, from the most high to the most horrible. I often hear at meetings from members that there is a God and "I'm not him". I think what they mean is that "I" (the ego) is not God. But in reality you ARE God. You are every bit as much of God as the branches on the tree ARE the tree. There is no separation between "parts". But in this culture that statement is heretical and extremely difficult to accept. In Western European cultures where the image of God is that of a kingly being who makes us from clay, if you say that you are God they will say that you're insane. In Hindu culture if you say you are God they will tell you "congratulations! At last you've found out"!
Now this suggests a more fundamental approach to our divinity that is also very threatening to WASP culture. That is that we are in no way, shape or form, victims of the world. That the world is not made of "stuff" to be conquered and ruled over. We are not "fully automatic". In fact we are, in a word, "dramatic". Everything we experience is part of a great cosmic drama and behind the scenes is the green room. We are eternal and indestructable essentially. Of course this is at odds with the concept of evil as written about in Christianity , Judaism and Islam. If we are in agreement about all that happens to us, well then how can we accept all the bad that happens in the world. How can we accept the Holocaust and children getting cancer, etc. My lord, I really am a victim then right?
I'm not so sure. I gravitate back and forth about that one. But, as I go deeper into my own contact with the divine, the idea and notion that we are part of an indestructable, ever changing and eternal universe is a concept that is simply more optimum to me in my relationship to living life. That in fact, this is not a universe that needs to be conquered and fixed, that is "wrong" ultimately, that there is a true "evil". But that really all is well in the world in all it's manifestations. And that good and bad, black and white, death and life, really are part of the same drama. One implies the other. You cannot have a universe of poetry without it. And that this is all a magnificent universal drama. A dance.
It seems to me that this way of seeing and experiencing the world would makes more sense to me and is more positive and, in fact, more true than the limiting notion of a world that doesn't know what it's doing.
I mean, how do you beat your own heart? How do you shine the sun? You think you're not doing it, but you are. So who are you really? Go inside and find out. You will get the surprise of a lifetime.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

The subject of God’s existence has been discussed by writers, historians, and intellectuals alike. And not one have agreed entirely what or who God is. I think God is all that the experts say and none at the same time. The Hindus are closest to actually knowing God. However, they are ignorant to the after life. The Christians place all of their faith on the afterlife and forget about the here and now. Judaism believes that God should be worshiped at all times. The Muslim believe like the Mormons that they will be rewarded with riches in heaven. The Jehovah Witnesses believe that God will spare those that are loyal to him and will live not in heaven, but here on Earth.

Who then is God? You said that he is us. Yes and no. God is all that is alive. He lives in us and beyond. He was here before us and will live beyond our existence. God is not a person. When asked his name, he would not give it because he does not have one. Being human, we persisted. We cannot comprehend of his existence in the form of a spirit, so we have to make him into a being.

The only way that God could commute with us was through profits. However, they were subject to human weaknesses. I don’t believe that sin is an isolated entity separate from the soul. We sin because we make mistakes. It’s man that thinks that sin should be punished. Moses laws is a guideline for us to follow, not dogmatic rules to bind us. If you steal, then I will take vengeance. So the commandments told us not to steal so vengeance would not be taken on us. If we kill, the living will take vengeance. The only commandment that was not a guide for us to live our lives, was the first one. Respect God the creator. Is it too much to ask? He gave us life. Can we at least honor him. (Him in the human sense, not him as a sexual identity)

The noblest profit was Jesus. He gave us a guide on how we should live. To be Christ like is to live your life as a loving soul who respects others. Most Christians are not Christ like. They damn and judge others and forgot the real message the poor carpenter was trying to tell us. The purpose of his life was to do two things. To show us how to live our lives peacefully and lead us to his kingdom when we died. Those that don’t get it, live their lives preaching his words, but not understanding them.

Our lives are short. Let’s love each other not fight. Let’s do what the profit John Lennon once told us, “Give Peace a Chance.”

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