Thursday, June 08, 2006

I am consistently amazed at how quickly I defer to intolerance. It is a constant source of amazement to me that, without my consent thank you, my mind becomes your judge and jury at the same time. I am fascinated with how fast my mind makes final decisions on you and yours based on some perceived slight that you might have indicated with your eyes. A troubling glance that may have absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever but I just happen to be in the way of it. You see, once you've done that TO ME, then IT'S ON! Dontchaknow?

I then, by way of mentation, have extrapolated your inferiority and separateness from me and I now recognize you as a threat to my very life. I begin a quick search of my data banks and find that YOU are the problem. The fact that you don't speak english, that you are a woman, that you are different, that you don't smile the way I would like, that you are too fat, that you don't listen, that you make mistakes and expect me to be perfect, the fact that you haven't invited me into your world and made us one, the fact of my alone-ness and lack, the insidiousness of my alienation, the corporeality of existence and imminent oblivion, the lack of self, of God, of love.

This is my mind. It welcomes you.



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