Friday, May 25, 2007

Lost and the Panoptic Prison of Jeremy Bentham

This might be of interest in terms of the zeitgeist of the penopticon.

"Lost" functions as a seditious and subversive act of the unconcious in the post-modern condition. In that way it is not disimilar to the literature and film of late 1970's Soviet authors and filmakers, most notably Andrei Tarkovsky with his tract on the soul's dilemma in his film "Stalker". "Lost" acts as a self-referential biofeedback loop, a parabola spiraling inwards to the self and its negation. Where is God in the post-modern world? Where do we find God in our current language of mentation? Can mentation produce the effects of an experience of the divine, which is at the heart of all mythological paradigms that we have observed.

Or is the experience of the divine greater than the belief in it, or even the removal of it as what God is not? Does man need an act of life to fully produce efficacy? These are at the heart of the panoptic prison which is a fully vested Western model of entropy. (my notes)

(Man with the chewing faces notes):

This is a collection, an anthology of sorts, an exercise in hunting and collecting of ideas about the present. The theme concerns the idea of the other, that which is not oneself, as being the place where identity and self-consciousness begin. Negation is part of our formation.

bottom In every binery set one side is privledged while the other is supressed or excluded.

It's clarity derives from that which it excludes, that which is withdrawn, removed, outside of it, which is separate

Let's start with the idea of surveillance and observation... Introducing the Penopticon...

The Penopticon was a model for a prison invented by Jeremy Bentham, sometimes known as the father of Utilitarianism. In this prison each cell faces inward towards a tower which is manned by a solitary guard. The method of control is that one perpetually feels as though one is being watched while never knowing or seeing the observer.

Would you like to enter the Penopticon?


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