Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a maroon!

[My response to Bill Plaschke's crapola article in today's LA Times (Hiring Torre would be all right, but way they're treating Little is all wrong.]

What small amount of credibility you have left reached its absolute nadir with your article in this mornings Times ("Hiring Torre would be all right..."). The violins couldn't play loud enough for the departure of Grady Little, a totally incompetent manager and the root cause of the Dodgers nuclear winter. The fact that his malicious treatment was the focus of your perspective, rather than the Hosannas that should be ringing out from your pen for the coming of Torre and possible salvation of a moribund franchise, shows that you are grotesquely out of touch with the city of Los Angeles, LA Times readers, and most importantly, fans of the Dodgers.

"Little is a good man who deserves better". I have no doubt that Grady Little is a good man, and he certainly does deserve better. But better than the fans of the Dodgers, who have had to endure two years of this mindless dimwit, a numskull who completely lost control of the team and made incomprehensible blunder after blunder past the 6th inning? It is they who are being asked to endure more years of team poverty. And your maligning of Juan Pierre, the one player who fulfilled all that was asked of him and far more than he should have, is comical. He was saddled with hitting in the number two hole behind a vomitous lead-off hitter in Furcal, the worst in the league. His numbers were totally consistent with what he came here to do. What planet are you living on?

Should the focus be on Colletti now? Yes, without question. He needs to address several key areas, including a franchise type hitter and ace. But to base the bulk of your breaking news story on the wrongs McCourt has done to Little as opposed to the Christmas gift he has given us is just plain hooey. (I can't believe I just wrote that line).

In the immortal words of the Firesign Theater, "I say live it or live with it".

Dodger Tony

Los Feliz


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Just saw this and I had the same reaction you did. What bugs me is that the writer’s name is similar to mine and people might get me confused with him. I’m glad you told him off. It just shows that the media is out of touch with common man.

I don’t hate Little, I just don’t think he coaches Dodger kind of baseball. We need a manager that understands our needs. We need Dusty Baker. Oh, wait. . . we let him get away again. We have one more chance to get a great manager. They don’t grow on trees. One more chance. If we let Torre get away, it won’t come again anytime soon.

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