Monday, October 15, 2007


Here are some stats that boggle the mind regarding the Colorado Rockies over their ridiculous 20 of 21 game win streak.

In those 21 games, they have had 12 different players with the go ahead RBI. 11 of their wins have been by 2 runs or less. 10 different pitchers have been credited with wins. 8 times the winning run was hit in the 8Th inning or later. They have 3 extra inning wins. They have allowed the Diamondbacks to score only 4 runs in the NLCS, and that comes on the heels of allowing the mighty and vaunted Phillie's lineup 3 runs, only one of them earned, in their three game sweep in the LDS. As a team the Rockies are hitting only around .230 in the NLCS, which is even more scary as they are winning in the traditional manner of great pitching, astonishing team defense and timely hitting with RISP.

As far as their defense, well they look like the Harlem Globetrotters out there. They finished the regular season with the highest team defense in the history of the game!!. Combine that with the best team hitting average in the National League this year and you can see that this is one of the biggest sports stories ever.

If the Rockies win tonight and move onto the World Series, they will have 9 days off. If you recall,last year the Detroit Tigers had 8 days off before they played the super hot St. Louis Cardinals and lost in 5 games. We will see if this super red hot run of the Rockies loses momentum. I for one do not think it will matter. That's because I actually don't think the Rockies are hot at all. I think they are great.


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