Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh. We suck again!

(A fear based letter I wrote to my pal Jeff this morning).

Got your message about the Dodgers and the hitter/s they need. I'm surprised. Of all people, you have been the one trumpeting the absolute need for the Dodgers to get a masher. You have been parotting that for years now. I'm curious what made you change your mind? When you speak of "two solid hitters", do you mean guys like Kent, solid average, healthy home run production and RBI's?

In any event, I firmly believe the Dodgers absolutely need a guy who strikes terror into the hearts of other pitchers. They haven't had a guy even close to this since Mike Piazza. I think that A-Rod does this, as does Cabrera.

After reading the article on Cabrera in today's paper, I am beginning to have an ominous feeling that the big winner this off-season is going to be the Angels. I now have them as the front runner for A-Rod and ALSO for Cabrera. Read the article in the Times. They seem to have enough to trade for Cabrera, although the Dodgers have the pitching. But that also suggests that the Dodgers will be asked for more, which they will most likely refuse. It's a double edged sword to have talent sometimes.

Yes, I can definitely see the LA Angels trumping the Blue yet again and land the two biggest hitters in the world this winter.

We'll see.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

The Angels have always had deep pockets. They might get A-Rod. But, Torre might have an influence on the Rod Man.

Even if we don't get some one of his caliber, we will be a good team, don't fret. Good things will happen with this team.

10:29 AM  

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