Friday, June 20, 2008

A modest thing but thine own

As the Dodgers come home to meet three stalwarts of the AL, visions of Dodger Dogs are dancing in my head. A little three game win streak has me reinvigorated and strains of "ya gotta believe" are playing in my heart. The Reds, sad lot that they are, roll over each and everytime the Blue come to Great American. Dusty looks about 85 years old in that dugout and our boys definitely gave em a good ol' fashinoned LA drive by whoopin.
Rumours are flying regarding a Chad Billingsley/Matt Kemp for Jay Bruce trade, something that would hurt but I would do that in a country minute for the twenty year old phenom who is cleary going to be a great player for the Reds and soon.

Reality will no doubt sink in when Cliff Lee and CC take the mound tonight and tomorrow day. Our only hope is the nasty inferno that will engulf the Ravine during Sat and Sun, day games both. Sabathia could huff and puff his way to a loss and hot weather may be a welcome balm for the Dodgers. Then comes the White Sox, lets hope the weather stays hot, and the Angels, which is a sweep any way you look at it.

The D'Backs/Dodger dance continues with we win they win, we lose they lose. Somehow with the terrible play of the West, LA is still in it, bizarrely enough. Furcal is still months away, if he will return at all, and more players are falling out of the roster onto the DL, Penny and Kuroda the latest.

On a sad note, the Mets fired Willie Randolph in a classically classless New York fashion. If the Dodgers were smart, they would offer him a position immediately within the organization. But when have the Dodgers exhibited smarts?


Blogger JamieB. said...

Yes, my Reds are pitiful but I believe they will finish with a better record than the Dodgers, a team with a bloated payroll and no soul. As to "rumours" of a Jay Bruce trade, that would be impossible. Bruce is one of the most heralded young players in the last ten years with an unknown, possibly limitless upside. Matt Kemp has the most RBI on a team that can't hit and Billingsley is the best starting pitcher on a staff that is weak. It would make no sense for either side. I follow stuff pretty close and I can't imagine where you're hearing that.

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