Thursday, November 06, 2008

And love will bring me home

I can't remember the last time I was this enraged over an issue. I will not be protesting in person for personal reasons. I will be helping in the cause by posting on my blog and openly protesting in other, quieter ways. I send my thoughts and prayers and gratitude to all of you who are mobilizing right now. This is not a gay/straight issue in my mind. This is an issue about the politics of love over the politics of hate and division. This is also about growing up.
I am personally outraged beyond words, yet incredibly grateful, that those who would seek to stop love are being exposed for who they really are. This can only help them as well, in that the denial which continues to have a stranglehold on an entire people, may finally liberate them.
Make no mistake, however: Love demands service as the ultimate priority. Intolerance will be stopped as history has shown us. Need I tell you that. I pray for those who seek to stop it that, in the long run, they do not destroy us first. There are grave consequences for hatred, in whatever form and propriety it may wear.
We know who you are. You cannot win. You can only hope to stall love and then the dam will break, flooding the world with light and beauty and gorgeousness covering everything in its path in truth.
Those who seek to stop it will either sink or swim with us. Pray that you do not drown. Read your own good book. Pay heed my friends. It is already done. What an opportunity to look to yourselves, remove the shackles from your feet, and finally, truly be free.



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